Sacking/Hessian Bags

Sacking/Hessian Bags

Jute is widely used for manufacturing of Gunny bags for Packaging of Food Grains such as wheat, rice, pulses, sugar, tea, coffee, etc. One of the major benefits of packing in Jute Bags in contrast with plastic bags is that the food grain can stored for a long period of time until it gets naturally contaminated.

The Jute bags helps in required ventilation for the packed material, thereby increasing the longevity of the product. The Jute bags are strong enough to withstand any rough handling during transit or shipment. Hessian cloth is commonly used for manufacturing sand bags, which, when filled with sand, are used for flood mitigation by building temporary embankments against flood water and field fortification.

The Jute sacking and Hessian Bags are produced using both Jute Batching Oil (JBO) and Vegetable Oil, like rice bran oil. Initially all the jute bags were produced using the JBO. The use of Vegetable Oil helps in making hydro carbon free bags. Thereby ensuring products like Coffee, Rice and Hazelnuts are safely packed in Jute bags.

The standard Varities of Jute Sacking Bags are as Follows:-

Bag Size Weight Capacity(kgs)
A- Twill Bag 44"x26.5" 2.61 Lbs 90-100
B- Twill Bag 44"x26.5" 2.25 Lbs 90-100
B - Twill Bag 38"x22.5" 1.45 Lbs 50-55
L - Twill Bag 44"x26.5" 2.50 Lbs 90-100
Heavy less Bag 43"x28" 2.25 Lbs 80-90
Heavy less Bag 43"x29" 2.50 Lbs 90-100
Light less Bag 40"x"28" 2.00 Lbs 80-85
Light less Bag 43"x29" 2.25 Lbs 80-85
D.W. Flour Bag 58"x28" 22.5 Lbs 90-100
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