Jute Fabrics

Jute fabrics are made with 100% jute yarn and also in combination with other yarns like cotton, viscose, wool, silk, etc. The fabrics are woven on traditional power looms and the new range of shuttleless looms resulting in great improvement in the quality. The weave range has increased allowing consumer a choice to choose from.

The jute and jute-cotton (Juco) fabrics are available in dyed, bleached and with different finishing as per customers requirement to cater to variety of end uses. The jute and jute cotton fabrics use is growing in areas like upholstery, tapestry, decorative, fancy/carry bags, etc besides traditional use for packaging.

The new research and development activities combined with technical improvement in the machineries will give an opportunity to offer better range and qualities of the fabrics to the customers in future.

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